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URI Ghost Hunting Team shares campus tales, stories of supernatural encounters

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Published: Friday, October 28, 2011

Updated: Friday, October 28, 2011 19:10

Likewise, Kelvey said he has a friend living in Adam's Hall who awake with a girl's face next to hers, despite her roommate being away at that time.  Like others, Kelvey said she may have experienced the "fear cage," or anxiousness and paranoia, often associated with paranormal experiences.

From a spiritual perspective, however, these occurrences may not seem so odd.  Kelvey explained that souls tend to become attached to places they have spent a lot of energy in their physical life.

"When you put energy into something, it causes an attachment since you're there so much," he said, adding that it makes sense that ghosts would attach themselves to Greek houses or dormitories because of the amount of time individuals spend in them.

Kelvey added may be why the older buildings on campus, such as those around the quadrangle or URI's oldest structure, the Oliver Watson House, are generally the center of ghost stories.  No matter how "fun" ghost hunting may be, he said one should still be careful of such encounters, especially at a place with such a colorful history as URI.

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