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‘The Walking Dead’ hits the Internet in webisode series

Entertainment Writer

Published: Friday, October 14, 2011

Updated: Friday, October 14, 2011 01:10

The wait for "The Walking Dead" to return for its second season has been agonizingly long. Left with only six season-one episodes and a year- long wait between seasons, there has certainly been a lot of anticipation building up to the season-two premiere.

To tide fans over during the wait, AMC has released a six-part webisode series showing how the memorable "bicycle girl" zombie, Hannah, from the pilot episode ended up in the state the series' main protagonist, Rick Grimes, found her.

It's not a very compelling storyline, since we already know Hannah, will end up a zombie and her family members are only given minimal development.

The skeleton of the plot is that Hannah and her two children end up at her ex- husband's home, where there are some tensions over how these divorcees should take care of the family.

Aside from a neighbor speculating that the zombie disease is the result of a terrorist attack, there is no new background information that would strengthen the plotline of the main series. Rick, his ex-wife Lori and the other characters are never mentioned or seen, and the first webisode throws the viewer directly into the action with the zombies already in the process of taking over.

What stands out about this short 15-to-20-minute series is that the quality blood and gore effects have been retained. In fact, I would say they are even more gruesome and creative as a result of director Greg Nicotero not having the constraints of television censorship.

Nicotero is primarily a special effects coordinator, overseeing the effects for the whole series and many other well-known horror movies, and his inexperience as a director is apparent. Nothing in particular is executed poorly on this web series, but , aside from the great blood effects, nothing really stands out as exceptional.

It's also clear that these are amateur actors filling the roles, with some awkward dialogue not helping their cause.

Despite the overall average quality of these six webisodes, they are still fun for fans to watch.  The bicycle girl was certainly a character in the show that stuck with me when I saw her feebly crawling toward Rick, and it was neat to find out how she ended up in her horrible situation.

But that's all this series, entitled "Torn Apart," really amounts to: a cool diversion for fans of the show who want every morsel of information and can't wait until this Sunday when season two premieres.

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