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Persevere, it will pay off

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Published: Thursday, April 12, 2012

Updated: Thursday, April 12, 2012 12:04


In just less than two-and-a-half weeks, classes will be ending for students at the University of Rhode Island. April 30, to be exact. For those of you reading this with your jaw hanging open, this is your warning. It may have come up fast, but exams are nearly upon us.

Before exam time comes around, however, many of you have probably noted that project and paper season is about to kick into gear. Just when you want to enjoy the nicer weather, or maybe get an earlier start on studying for that killer exam, you are swamped with papers, projects and presentations. Happy spring, anyone?

It is admittedly more than a bit unfortunate that professors tend to wait until those last few weeks before classes are over to make everything, or at least everything important, due. Sure you had the whole semester to work on it, but who can really sit down and write a 20-page paper a whole month before it’s due? Precious few, and power to you if you can.

Realistically, however, we need deadlines as motivation, and when those deadlines all fall within the same time frame, well, you’re looking at a lot of homework time, and probably at least a few all-nighters.

For those of you, especially seniors, ready to check out and just give a half-hearted attempt on the next three weeks of grueling assignments, hold up. Senioritis time is definitely here, but remember how hard you’ve worked to maintain that dean’s list-worthy GPA for four years? Even if you don’t, your future employers will.

So persevere. Stay organized, and try to keep on top of all assignments. Using your time well will certainly avoid at least a few of those potential all-nighters. Make a list of what you want to accomplish each day, and cross off items as you go. If nothing else, you’ll be satisfied at striking one more thing off that overwhelmingly long checklist.

Above all, remember it will pay off when you get that phone call from your dream job saying “we want you,” be it in a few months or a few years. Stock up on red bull and printer money, and hunker down at the library. The beach will still be there even after you’re done studying.

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