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Crazy spring breaks are no longer the norm

News Editor

Published: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Updated: Thursday, March 8, 2012 00:03


With spring break around the corner, all everyone seems to be talking about is what they're doing over the break. To be sure, there are the lucky few going on cruises to tropical islands or getting wild in Miami, but for the most part, people seem, to me at least, to be content with going home and seeing family and friends.

Unless I am missing something, this is generally how it goes for spring break. Only a minority of students live up to the movie-worthy spring break plans that college kids stereotypically have. So why do so many people seem to think otherwise?

For example, some of my international friends were shocked to learn that I wasn't going on an epic, binge-drinking adventure over spring break, but instead trudging back to my hometown for a rather winter-like "spring" break. Coming from Europe, they too had heard the wild stories of crazy American spring break parties and were expecting that nearly all the students would be headed south for beaches and booze. In fact, they seemed almost disappointed that I would not be having a spring break a la "The Hangover" or "Eurotrip."

And just today, my teacher asked our class about spring break, apparently expecting these kinds of plans to be in the works. Just one out of roughly 35 people in the class was doing anything remotely related to the stereotypical American spring break party week. The majority of the class was just going home. Again, my teacher seemed seriously let down by our lack of planned drunken escapades in exotic locations.

While I understand that this is the stereotype for American college kids, I am surprised that so many are disappointed in less-than-stellar spring break plans. The economy is crap and we students are broke as it is, so financing a cruise to the Bahamas is just not in the picture for some. And heaven forbid we don't want to spend every waking moment wasted and partying with the entirety of college-aged America in some over-priced Miami resort. Sorry? Not really.

So congrats to those spending a wild spring break in Cancun, but I'm not coming with you. And honestly, I'm not even that jealous. Well, just a tiny bit.

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