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Not So Average Joe: What to do now that football’s over

Published: Thursday, February 9, 2012

Updated: Friday, February 10, 2012 15:02


Well now that the football season has ended in a disappointing fashion, I am going to need something else to write my columns about. The only problem I am facing is that there really isn't too much for a New England sports fan to get into right now.

Some people would say that the Celtics are worth getting excited about. They are currently on a six-game winning streak, but I am not sold on them yet because they haven't been playing the best all-around basketball of late.

Others would tell me that the Red Sox are the team to get pumped up for now, since two months from now will not only bring warmer weather, but also baseball spring training.

But the Red Sox are worrying me right now. In an offseason where we've seen all-star players like Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes and Prince Fielder signed to big contracts, the Red Sox have yet to really make any major moves.

After losing both their general manager and manager, following one of the biggest season ending collapses in baseball history, the Red Sox need to have a strong start to their next campaign in order to keep their diehard fans happy.

So many New England area fans have already begun to catch Red Sox fever but I think it is obvious that most of them are only coming back to the Sox so quickly in order to help deal with the Superbowl loss.

I am still not sold, though Except for the prospect of Jacoby Ellsbury becoming one of the best baseball players in the league this season, the Red Sox don't seem to have too much going for them yet.

I still have hope that the team will make some big market move for two reasons. The first is that this team needs some excitement surrounding it going into the 2012 season. With two new faces running the organization, the best thing they can do is sign a playmaker for the team.

The other reason I think the Sox aren't done making moves is  the age-old saying, "History is doomed to repeat itself". There haven't been too many off-seasons in which the Red Sox didn't make a big move. They are a big market team  and  usually find themselves in an arms race with their long time divisional rivals, the New York Yankees.

I know that the Boston Bruins seem to be playing good hockey as of late, but I have never really been too big of a hockey fan. Despite last year's success, I know that the Bruins are prone to season-ending defeat when it matters the most.

Now I am forced to check updates to watch my San Antonio Spurs continue to win basketball games. I'll watch Celtics games if someone puts them on or if I am at some sports bar or something. But other than that, I really have nothing to get excited about for a while as far as sports go.

Thank goodness my intramural soccer team starts playing games next week.

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