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Admissions looking for new tour guides

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Published: Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Updated: Thursday, March 8, 2012 00:03

Tour Guides

Teresa Kelly | Cigar

Kristen Leander, Kevin Mirandou, and Logan Murphy work the Admission Tour Desk during the day when not giving tours of campus to prospective students.


The Office of Admissions at the University of Rhode Island is now taking applications from students to become tour guides.

Erin West, an Admission Advisor, gave the inside scoop on what makes a good tour guide and the necessary requirements.

"A good tour guide loves URI," West said.  As well as having a healthy admiration for their school, West said she believes tour guides must be independent, responsible, proficient in public speaking and well-rounded. West also expressed a desire for diversity within the tour guide staff.

"Every student has something to bring," she said.

To become a tour guide, a student must first complete an application, which may be found online, and bring it to Newman Hall by March 27. Once his or her application is in, a student is required to undergo a "two-tier" interview process.

The first tier consists of a group interview. After the group interviews are conducted, the first cut is made. The individuals who were not cut then have a second, solo interview. Once the final cuts are made, 40 lucky students get the job.

After the students have been hired, they will have to undergo a training process, beginning with a day-long training session in September. During this session, the new tour guides with learn about the process of giving a tour and observe a "veteran" tour guide at work.

After this initial training session, they will receive a set of "mini-trainings". During these sessions they will shadow a tour guide, observing how it works, and then they will be shadowed themselves to have their progress observed.

"The process is very hands-on," West said.

The new tour guides will be hired by the end of April and will begin working this September.

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