Is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in a Bubble?

Could This Just Be A Giant Cryptocurrency Bubble? Many savvy investors have begun to fear that their investments in crypto-currency and ICOs may be in danger. They believe that the market may be ...

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David W. Jacobsen’s New Record – Begin The Chagrin

David W. Jacobsen – Begin the Chagrin Review by Walker Davis Singer/Songwriter David W. Jacobsen’s newest record, Begin the Chagrin, paints vivid portraits of noble, relatable, pitiable, ...

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Death Of A Prince

Prince found dead at age 57! Bringing shock and horror to so many Prince fans across the nation. Early Thursday morning the news came through and shocked the nation. Being up there as one of the ...

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‘Social Media Social’ draws interested students, panel discusses online etiquette

University of Rhode Island students and faculty and local business representatives attended the Public Relations Society’s (PRS) “Social Media Social,” featuring two keynote ...

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Jackass Star Remembered On MTV

Ryan Dunn, one of the adrenaline junkies of the “Jackass” crew, was a wild and lovable idiot on TV, and his friends want viewers to be assured that he was just the same off-camera. ...

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Sex And The Cigar

Midterm week – it’s a phrase dreaded by any student who has realized that their BAC is coming dangerously close to eclipsing their GPA. It’s a period of time where a college dorm is ...

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Zombies overrun campus in class exercise

University of Rhode Island Emergency Medical Services personnel, people in HAZMAT suits and a Charlestown police officer were among the people overseeing and aiding a pharmacy class exercise. The ...

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Students Plan Senior Week Events Despite Administrative Misgivings

With the end of the school year approaching many students are cramming for finals and finishing up last minute papers, but University of Rhode Island seniors have something to look forward to: ...

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