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—Entertaining News And Times In 2016—

This is the place to go for everything cool! No boring news or unless drama unless it is funny, then we we have plenty of it. If our editors don’t laugh or want to read more, than we will ditch it. This is a site like no other as it will not just bring you entertaining news, but we will have cool gadgets and stuff as well. We will soon have a subscribe button where we will be giving away prizes and coupons as well as updates on breaking news.

—–What You Can Expect—–

Here at Ram Cigar Times we want to have fun and bring news that is relevant to todays world yet entertaining, fun, and exciting. No boring news! What are the new trends? What is the biggest gossip around? Funniest video’s on youtube! I can’t believe I just wasted 40 minutes of my life watching that video’s (we all do it). Even movie reviews as well as video game reviews. No drab content here. 

That being said, lets have fun and enjoy ourselves. We also want your comments and feedback, good and bad. Share relevant content you may have. Just contact us and we will review what you have and post it with your name as the source if you like.

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—New And Upcoming—

We will also get into cool new gadgets and stuff you need. I can think of a few great products that came out this year as well as products that are yet to release and are going to kill it in the market. These are “do not miss” products. There will be stuff for the men and the ladies. Ram Times doesn’t discriminate other than it have to be cool. If it doesn’t pass our cool bar, then it is trashed and we move on.

—How To Be A Part—

We are excited about the future of Ram Cigar and want you to feel and be a part of it as well. Don’t just follow us on social, but interact and give us your thoughts. your feedback will just help make this an even better site.

Keep an Eye out for future free online games as well. i know growing up some of my favorite sites had free games to play so we will have a section for that as well.

Browse around and stay tuned for a lot more cool new sh$#!


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